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House decor winter trends 2017

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House decor winter trends 2017

Brrr, it's definitely starting to feel like Autumn now, mornings are getting darker, the wind is carrying that icy chill and coffee shops are starting to roll out their Christmas selections! The cooler months can leave you craving a change in your home environment, something cosy and rewarding to open the door to. Looking for change in your home too but not really sure where to start? There are some beautiful house decor winter trends this year that will have you itching to get back to your dream home after a long day in the office! We are going to highlight a few of these trends and how you can implement them in your home.

Autumnal colour palettes 

Crispy burnt oranges, reds and warm brown tones, bring life and energy to your space! You can add this splash of colour to your home with a lick of paint, some new cosy tiles or if you are looking for a cheaper option an item of furniture/home accessories! 

Chunky knits! 

We love this new craze, chunky knit blankets and rugs are a stunning addition to any home. These blankets and rugs add extra warmth to your home. The rugs look stunning against a tiled floor! A ready-made one can be quite expensive so if you want to avoid the expense you can easily make your own. See how to make your own chunky knit here! 


Candles are always popular, a must have Autumn and Winter addition in any home! The great thing about candles is that you can get them on any budget, in any size shape and sent. 

Grey palettes 

Not feeling the hot Autumn colours? Grey palettes are also in this winter! Yes, greys are in and rocking it! Silver branches, ashy blankets, and grey flooring are the in thing this Autumn.

Vintage explorer

It’s time to crack out the looking glasses, globes and retro maps because vintage explorer is back and back in force. If you are feeling bold you can even opt-in for a map themed feature wall! 

Vintage tiles

Last but not least and definitely our favourite by far is vintage tiles! Vintage tiles are back on trend and make a stunning addition to any home, whether it be an old country cottage or a new build these tiles add personality to any room. Our favourite vintage tiles are Victorian tiles, we can't get enough of them. If you are looking to add a little vintage to your home check out our collection here.

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