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Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Ashley Fabian on

Here at The Tile People in Haywards Heath we get asked all sorts of questions. From the Bizarre to the ordinary, our professional staff are more than capable of answering any questions you may have. We understand buying tiles can be quite daunting and cant be rushed into. It can be a very expensive purchase and we want to make sure you get the right products for the right application. 

If your question is not listed below then please feel free to drop us an email on and we will get back to you with an accurate answer as soon as possible. 

Adhesive Questions

Q. Whats the difference between White and a Grey Adhesive?

A. Generally Grey Adhesive is slightly cheaper and perfect for any application unless you are using a Natural Stone or a light coloured Grout. This is simply because as the tiles/grout draw the moisture from the Adhesive they can pull with it the grey pigments from the adhesive itself causing slight discolouration on the surface.

Q. When should i use a Flexible Adhesive?

A. Here at The Tile People we only sell Flexible Polymer Modified Tile Adhesives. We cant work out why anyone would opt to use anything that is not flexible as the tiles will be more likely to crack under even the smallest movement of the substrate.

Q. Can i use a Ready Mixed Adhesive in a tub?

A. Ready Mix doesn't contain the polymer needed to fix Porcelain Tiles sufficiently.  Ready Mixed Tile Adhesive is only really any good for high porous substrates like plasterboard and fresh plaster to fix Ceramic Tiles only. 

Tile Questions

Q. Can i fix New Tiles on Old Tiles?

A. Yes existing Tiles are a great surface to fix New Tiles to provided they are properly stuck to wall in the first place. If you physically cant get them off that's a good sign. Make sure you use a Polymer Modified Adhesive to do this. 

Q. Whats the difference between Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles

A. Ceramic Tiles are Generally a Red of White Clay Biscuit, they are then printed on and a glaze is added. Porcelain is made up from melted down elements like Sand, Glass, Stones and so on and made into a slurry that when dried and fired at very high temperatures is extremely hard wearing. Porcelain was originally designed for Commercial Projects where Ceramic was already in production in the masses for more Domestic Applications. As Technology evolved factories started producing Porcelain for the same price as the Ceramics. They invested millions in the Production of Porcelain and as you will see from our Huge Tile Showroom in Haywards Heath they have really managed to produce some Beautiful Porcelain Tiles with some amazing designs. 

Q. I have a small Space so i need Small Tiles!

A. Not necessarily, Putting Small Tiles in a Small Space can make the Space look even Smaller. If Large Tiles are Laid correctly they can make a space look and feel bigger. The Reason for this is that Small Tiles means more Joints more Joints can make a space look Busy with lots of lines.  

Q. Whats a Rectified Tile

A. When a Tile is Rectified it means it has been cut twice giving a perfectly square edge, this gives a really nice crisp finish to the tile and allows for smaller grout joints. If you was to butt two tiles together there would be no gap. Grout Needs a 1.5mm Body to stick to itself to avoid cracking, on a Rectified Tile if you use a 1.5mm Spacer you get a 1.5mm Joint, on a Non- Rectified Tile using a 1.5mm Spacer you could get as much as a 3mm joint on the surface.