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Haywards Heath Tile Showroom - The top Six perks of tiled flooring

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Haywards Heath Tile Showroom - The top six perks of tiled flooring

As you may have already seen in our last blog postTiling Inspiration For Your Home, using tiles in your home have significant style benefits! Transforming your home instantly leaving it gleaming and screaming with style, but what are the other benefits tiled flooring can bring? We have compiled this list of top six perks of tiled flooring to highlight the other great plus points they can bring to your home.

The top six perks of tiled flooring

1. Durability - This is one of the most popular advantages alongside appearance that people favour when choosing flooring for their home. Tiled flooring is stain resistant, hardy and long lasting.

2. Improve the resale value of your home - Due to their popular demand, well installed and designed tiled floors can actually increase the value of your home!

3. Easy to clean - Tiled flooring is definitely one of the easiest floor types to wipe/mop clean! Unlike carpets which can stain easily and retain dust in their fibres tiled floors are pet proof and spill proof meaning you can relax when having friends over or when welcoming your new pet into the living room.

4. Tiles are hypoallergenic - Do you struggle with dust, mould, or bacteria based allergies? Unlike carpets, tiles are inhospitable for all the above!

5. Repairs - Tiled floors are pretty resilient to damage but in the event that damage occurs they are actually incredibly easy to repair. If damage occurs you can simply remove the damaged tile and replace it with a new one.

6. Fireproof - Tiles are fire resilient and can reduce the spread of fire.

How can we help?

Simply put, we provide a one-stop-shop for all things tiles, from the tiles themselves to preparation materials, underfloor heating and even wet room trays. Our Haywards Heath tile showroom boasts a large range of tiles in all shapes, sizes and designs to suit your needs. We constantly stay ahead of the curve by regularly attending trade shows to ensure our range is up to date. If you are looking to tile your floors/walls get in touch, our happy friendly team would be delighted to help and advice. Alternatively, you could pop in and see us at our Haywards Heath tile showroom.

Interested in what tile styles are on trend for 2017? We will be looking at the top tile style trends for this year in our next blog post.