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Tile trends 2017 and into the new year

Posted by The Tile People on

Tile trends 2017 and into the new year

In our last post, you may remember us mentioning that we would be addressing tile trends in our next post, so here it is! Tile trends of 2017 and predictions for the new year, we have a sneaky suspicion that our top players are going to be holding the ground (literally) in 2018 too! Natural is back and back with force, the natural look for homes is becoming increasingly more popular, you may have already noticed this in television ads, magazine articles, and social media posts.

So how does that affect the tile market? At The Tile People, we have seen a soar in our sales for wood effect and concrete tiles! From our research into the tile market and recent trade show releases, it's pretty fair to say that these tiles will be a top pick for 2018 also. So, we have decided to create this post to look at the two different tile styles and how they can add that wow factor to your home!

Wood effect tiles

Wood effect tiles can come in all different shapes and sizes, providing the same durable quality of a tile and the beautiful warm natural wood look at a fraction of the cost. We love these beautiful tiles and could easily write pages after pages on them but instead, we have broken down the top benefits of wood effect tiles into bullets to highlight their best features:

The benefits of wooden effect tiles:

  • Durability – wood effect tiles are incredibly durable unlike wooden flooring, they’re hard wearing, don’t fade in the sun and are less likely to scratch or chip!
  • Easy to clean and maintain – wood effect tiles are waterproof and are easy to replace if damaged.
  • Different styles – Wood effect tiles can come in different shapes, sizes and colours so, options for design are endless.
  • Opening up a space – Using different sized wood effect tiles in different sized spaces can give the illusion that the space is larger than it is.
  • Warm, cosy and natural - Wood effect tiles, even the cooler coloured options have that cosy warm feel to them, they also react well with underfloor heating!

Concrete effect tiles

Slightly on the cooler side but still stunning and sought after are concrete effect tiles! We can’t get enough of these beauties. Concrete effect tiles live and breathe style and really raise the quality and value of a property. Concrete tiles share most of the same benefits as wood effect tiles but also have a few extra things to offer!

The benefits of concrete effect tiles:

  • Simple installation - unlike real concrete floors concrete effect tiles don’t need sealing after installation!
  • Easy to replace a damaged tile – similar to wood effect tiles fixing a concrete effect tile flooring is as easy as 1,2,3!
  • Maximising space and light – using high gloss concrete effect tiles can bounce light around a room beautifully, opening up the space and adding that just cleaned touch!
  • Multiple colour and pattern options – opt in for the natural look or go wild? Concrete effect tiles come in a range of different colours and sizes, you can even get patchwork ones!
  • They look beautiful inside and out – concrete effect tiles look beautiful in the house and the garden and can really liven up a neglected patio!

How we can help

Excited over the idea of revamping your home with wood or concrete effect tiles and want to have a chat with a professional? We are more than happy to help, offer advice and even supply you with a free sample to see if they would be the perfect fit for your home.